Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Solar Power?

A: Solar power is the result of a system harnessing or capturing the power of the sun and converting it to energy.  The solar panels on the roof or property of your home or business are the first step in capturing the power the sunlight is carrying.  The rest of the solar power system uses the energy captured by the solar panels and converts it to usable power for your electric needs.

Q: Is Solar Hot Water Worth It?

A: Each situation is different, but in most cases it makes sense for a home or business to have solar hot water systems. To promote the adoption of solar and other natural energy resources, federal, state, and local government entities offer substantial tax incentives and rebates for the purchase and installation of solar hot water systems.

Q: Does Solar Backup Work?

A: Yes.  The solar power backup system is just as reliable as any other home or business class battery backup.  The only major difference is the source of the battery charging.  You will be receiving free charging for your batteries from the sun instead of paying a utility company.

Q: Are There Different Kinds Of Solar Panels?

A: The short answer is, yes. Without getting scientific and throwing huge words at you, there are approximately four types of solar panels available.  Each are used for specific applications including space, commercial power, and residential power.

Q: How Long Does Solar Installation Take?

A: Depending on the size and scope of your solar power system, installation can take anywhere from three days for a residential home installation to a few months for a commercial or industrial power array.