Solar Power Systems

Harnessing the sun allows you to lower your energy bills by simply taking what Mother Nature has provided for free. Your neighbors might have already installed solar panels on their houses. We offer the full range of solar power services in the Miami area. We can help you become environmentally-conscious – we can discuss your options and find the most affordable solution.

Solar Hot Water

Every day, homeowners must heat up their water and store it in their hot water heater. Of course, hot water will gradually lose its heat to the surrounding environment. This cooling water might also rust out your tank. How many times do you hear the furnace turn on, simply to reheat the hot water turned cold? What is the point? Discover how you can save money by using Solar Hot Water for your cooking, cleaning and bathing needs.

Solar Power Backup

Did you know that some homeowners are selling their stored up solar electricity back to the utility company? We can install extra Solar Power Backup equipment, so you can do the same. When the sun shines, you can store up electricity in the power cells to use in your home or business. If a power outage ever occurs, you will be enjoying naturally sourced power in your home. Keep your home powered or earn money from the sun – we can show you how.

Solar Panels

Homeowners across the nation are taking advantage of federal, state, and local incentives by placing solar panels on their rooftops to store up energy. Miami Solar Energy Specialists can help you decide which panels and solar power systems are best for your home or business. While nearly every home depends on an electricity power grid that is constantly seeing price and tax increases, you can invest in the do-it-yourself (DIY) solution. We can turn your house into a resource that saves your family or company money for many years to come.

Solar Installation

If you are interest in solar technologies for your home or business, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options for for solar power and receive a free solar installation estimate. With a few simple questions about your home’s size and the items in your home, we can quickly put together a solar power solution that fits your power needs and your budget. As always, we are here to help you and your family or business make an educated and pressure free decision.

Solar Panel Repair

Panels are exposed to the elements and wildlife.  If your panels or system have been damaged, our expert technician can come and troubleshoot the issues.  We will offer up front pricing on how to correct or repair your systems and complete the work quickly.

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